Interesting, from a list….

There is soon to be published a new find that has a bearing on Germanic literature. There is a tale about the goddess Freya and her human/divine husband, Oor/Ouror, who left her and she searched the world to find him. Grimm hypothesized that this was a Germanic reflection, by diffusion, of the story of Isis and Osiris. Along with the Mithraic cult, the cult of Isis and Serapis spread throughout northern Europe. There are numerous inscriptions in Cologne and Dalmatia (parts of Roman Germania) to Isis and Serapis. There are also Serapeion. Now they have found a Serapeion in Germany that is not Roman but is one with Germanic inscriptions of Frowa and Outhar. Grimm’s surmise that the story of Freya and Oor was of Egyptian origin appears validated.


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