waking to the cool air, to the deep green of the trees, to a new day and new beginings. Choosing how my thoughts will inspire me.
I am proud of myself, and working hard and making more of my dreams come true.
I am lost without having someone to care for, call me old fashioned but a big part of who I am and whom I have always been is feeling fulfilled while caring for others.
A year ago, a year ago I was not so happy, I did have someone to care for , but not much caring for me was going on. I was just sitting ont he sidelines, providing the home for someone who left me on the edges of his life. So no, I won’t sacrifice myself just to care for someone, that I learned the hard way. But I also learned how happy it makes me, and you know what I am good at it. I spent many, many years perfecting my homemaking and parenting skills, now they sit unused.


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