Earning Karma Points….

Today was a full day!!!!
Lots of manual labor, helping Kith and Kin.
I had an a epiphany about stuff, moving other people’s stuff around.
My mother for example, spent the last 15 years, in time, energy and money accumulating STUFF she thought she needed. Only to sell it to strangers at a yard sale.
Think of all that time that could have been spent with friends, having long conversations about life, Love and the pursuit of happiness.
As a rule I am not a good consumer, not a good American.

Marx said that we would loose the sacredness in objects with the industrial revolution and he was right. The things that were crafted by hand and took time to create had a spirit in them, a meaning and purpose.
Now machines and underpaid workers “create” most of our STUFF.
We have see the loss of the craftsman, the artist, the Homemaker. In replace for a paycheck and a Walmart.


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