I didn’t really need to see that. The Old Orchard Police Dept. The last time I saw that entry way was when I went looking for help. My boyfriend had just beaten the shit out of me. I had broken nose, black eye, fat lip. As I screamed and begged for someone to call the cops. No one did!!! When I finally got free I didn’t know where to do. We only lived a couple blocks from the Police Dept, so I headed there. I was shaking so badly I could barely drive. I got my keys and my purse and locked up my orange beetle bug. I walked in the door, and to the window where someone was at. “oh my god, were you in a car accident?”, “no”, I said, “my boyfriend did this to me.” He came from around behind the glass and led me to a chair. He hollered to his coworker and had him call the ambulance. He offered me some ice and asked where and how it happened. I was so shaken up I couldn’t remember the address we were at. They called the local shelter. That was my first night in a Women’s Shelter. Not the last.


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